Diploma in DGPS using the RTK system

This is one of the most popular courses offered at V Institute, which trains the student to become a high quality professional surveyor equipped to handle state-of-the-art instruments and software applications. This course is designed to familiarize and provide a hands-on experience to the students on GPS-based surveying techniques.



Applications covered in the Course, in addition to the subjects in Levels 1 to 3

  • Introduction to GPS
  • GPS System Overview
  • Working principle of GPS
  • Satellite ranging and Position Calculation
  • GPS errors and their corrections
  • Differential Global Positioning System
  • Basic Geodetic Aspects
  • Reference Line
  • Longitudinal & Traverse Profiles
  • Surveying Using GPS
  • Static Surveys
  • Rapid Static Surveys
  • Kinematic Surveys
  • Real Time Kinematic Surveys
  • Processing of GPS survey data
  • Plotting of GPS survey data

Major practical sessions

  • Receiver set up
  • Configuration of the receiver
  • Configuration of the terminal
  • Satellite tracking
  • Different parameters setting and Data storing
  • Localisation of WGS 84 Coordinates
  • Establishing stations and TBMs with reference to Survey of India BM (Control Points)
  • Altitude
  • Stake out of the measured points and offsets
  • Self survey mode (absolute positioning)
  • Static Surveys and rapid static surveys
  • Kinematic and RTK surveys
  • Post processing of surveyed data and exporting the data to AutoCAD
  • Topographic surveys using RTK mode and establishing control points using static mode
  • Precautions to be taken while using GPS receivers