V Institute of Advanced Studies

Considering the increasing importance of Land Surveying as a profession, and the use of sophisticated tools such as digital Total Station and GPS devices in this field, V Institute offers a set of courses specially designed for training students who aspire to become professionals in civil engineering and surveying such as land, GPS and hydrographic surveyors; quantity surveyors; contractors; and consultants. Every year, more than a 1,000 students choose V Institute to study job-oriented technical courses, develop employability skills and achieve career success in India, as well as UAE, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar.

V Institute's Capability

What makes V Institute different from several other training institutes is
the right combination of modern infrastructure, relevant expertise and proven processes.
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    The Institute is fully equipped with the latest versions of hardware and support systems to enable students to be conversant on what is most modern in the industry. The computer lab is the only one in Kerala that has a 10-user licensed version of LisCAD, AutoPlotter, Road Estimator and Estima (for computing estimates by Quantity Surveyors) installed for training the students. V Institute is now authorized to sell Estima in India as their distributors.

  • Experienced and Talented Faculty

    The faculty at V Institute comprises outstanding professionals who are committed to their task of imparting quality training to the students. They have years of relevant experience in handling the various instruments as well as the nuances of the application software used for the training. Many of them are practising professionals who share their time and experience with the students moulding them to become quality professionals.

  • Proven Course

    V Institute has perfected a course methodology with the right blend of lab sessions and field training that has proven itself to be one of the most effective in technical training. The students spend extensive hours on hands-on training and field activities that they become fully conversant. The students also get opportunities to execute live projects which enable them to acquire the necessary industry readiness to take on challenging occupations on completion of the course.

Why Choose V Institute

  • High-salary jobs
    in India and abroad

    A standing of 75 years delivering excellence in technical education to more than 100,000 students. Since 1941, the Institute has helped several students secure high-salary jobs in India and abroad in various fields of activity.

  • Most comprehensive Survey Courses in the country

    V Institute is the only institution in the country offering such a comprehensive range of Survey courses including Quantity Survey, DGPS, GNSS, GIS and Hydrographic Survey and a host of Government recognised courses such as the ITI and KGCE Courses.